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Orthotic Services

Custom made Orthotics

We provide Orthotics for all applications, whether to correct a deformity or malalignment, unload a diabetic ulcer, provide support for a joint or to stabilize a fracture or weak limb.  The orthosis is customized for your needs and application.

Custom Made Insoles:

  - Diabetic foot

  - Sports
  - Heel spurs
  - Calluses
  - Plantar Fasciitis
  - Flat feet
  - High arches
  - Custom made sandals
  - Hallux Valgus sandals

Orthotics and Braces;

 - Scoliosis​

 - Post Stroke Management

 - Muscle weakness

 - Deformities

 - CP

 - Fracture braces

 - Post Polio

 - Sport Braces