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Prosthetic Services

Comfortable and Functional

To make your prosthesis as optimal as possible, we always start with an evaluation of your condition and goals.

At CEPO we have a holistic point of view. For us the general impression is as important as the details but we also put extra focus on making the socket both comfortable and functional. Regardless of your activity level we will design and make the best solution for you; from the simpler solutions to high demand sport prosthetics.

The prosthetic socket is the connection to the body and the foundation and the most important part of a good prosthesis. If the socket is not optimized it really doesn’t matter what components are used and it will clearly influence how much the prosthesis will be used during the day. A poor fit will cause pain and prevent you from living a normal life. Our goal is therefore to manufacture a comfortable and functional prosthesis based on your condition and expectations.