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Prosthetic Services

Comfortable and Functional

     To loose a limb or to be born with a limb deficiency is, regardless of reason, a challenge in life. However, it is a challenge that we together will to overcome. Luckily, research and development have reached a point where we as service providers have many tools and options in our hand to assist in daily life activities. There are several companies around the world that manufactures prosthetic components such as prosthetic knee joints, prosthetic feet, hands and arms. The functionality varies from very simple to very advanced functions such as in microprocessor controlled prosthetics. Part of the process of receiving a prosthetic device is to find the best solution for each individuals requirements. These requirements will vary from basic activities such as walking to high demand activities such as different sports. Together we will discuss which option is most suitable to provide the best functionality and comfort within your estimated budget.  

     The process of receiving a prosthetic limb will vary from patient too patient. The process below describes the process for receiving a prosthetic leg after an amputation, but the procedure is basically the same for other prosthetic devices. 


Trans Tibial Prosthesis

Trans tibial prosthesis means a "Below Knee" Prosthesis. It can be made of several different materials. In this case, we chose a new design called Soderberg 2.0 socket, designed by our CEO. It is specially designed for short remaining limbs for good suspension and mobility. 


Trans Femoral Prosthesis

Trans femoral prosthesis means a "Above Knee" Prosthesis. It can be made of several different materials. Usually the socket has an inner soft socket and an outside hard socket for strength. Most of the time, the outer socket is reinforced with carbon fiber. Then knee joint comes in many different models and varies in functionality and price. This knee joint is a hydraulic knee joint that is safe and has a high functionality. 


Trans Femoral Sport Prosthesis

This prosthesis is custom made for high impact water sports. The special knee and foot has built in shock absorbers to absorb impacts during wakeboarding. The socket also has extra reinforcements with carbon fiber.

Trans Tibial Prosthesis

Here is a video example of a Trans Tibial prosthesis using an energy preserving carbon fiber foot. An energy preserving foot will make walking smoother and more efficient. 

The price of the below knee prosthesis approximately 150,000 baht and the above knee prosthesis is 280,000 baht and above. The price may vary depending on individual findings and needs.

This is the general process from amputation to receiving a prosthetic leg. For further information, download the PDF here.

Prosthetic process
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