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CEPO or Center of Excellence for Prosthetics & Orthotics is a Public Private Partnership collaboration between Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory, Thailand (SOL) and Mahidol University, Siriraj Hospital. CEPO provides state of the art prosthetic and orthotic work using the latest technologies and materials from several world-leading manufacturers. Our main goal is to provide each customer with an assistive device that will improve quality of life and improved function in daily living activities. 

Prothetic leg ขาเทียม

Prosthetic Service

To make your prosthesis as optimal as possible, we always start with an evaluation of your condition and goals.

At CEPO we have a holistic point of view. For us, the general impression is as important as the details but we also put extra focus on making the socket both comfortable and functional. Regardless of your activity level we will design and make the best solution for you; from simpler solutions to high-demand sports prosthetics.

The prosthetic socket is the connection to the body and the foundation and the most important part of a good prosthesis. If the socket is not optimized it really doesn’t matter what components are used and it will clearly influence how much the prosthesis will be used during the day. A poor fit will cause pain and prevent you from living a normal life. Our goal is therefore to manufacture a comfortable and functional prosthesis based on your condition and expectations. At CEPO we use components from several world-leading prosthetic manufacturers and together we choose the best solution for each individual case.

KAFO ดามขา

Orthotic Service

We provide Orthotics for all applications, whether to correct a deformity or malalignment, unload a diabetic ulcer, provide support for a joint or to stabilize a fracture or weak limb.  We provide both "Off The Shelf", already-made , orthotics or we will make a customized orthosis for your personal needs and application.

Custom Sandals รองเท้า
รองเท้าสั่งตัด Sandal

Custom Insoles and Sandals Service

Foot orthotics are used to correct or to maintain a limbs shape and function. It can also be used to protect a limb from further injuries. There are many types of foot orthotics. At CEPO we use both custom made foot orthotics or so called “Off The Shelf” or “already made” products. We have chosen to divide the different types of foot orthotics based on the injury or illness that caused the need of a device.


Insoles and Sandals:

  - Diabetic foot

  - Sports
  - Heel spurs
  - Calluses
  - Plantar Fasciitis
  - Flat feet
  - High arches
  - Custom made sandals
  - Hallux Valgus sandals
Cosmetic Silicone นิ้วเทียม

Silicone Prosthetics Service

Our flexible, durable, comfortable and hygienic silicone prostheses are produced from high-quality medical grade silicone. Individually hand made for each customer to mach skin color, texture and nails. Our innovative technology silicone prosthesis can replace lost fingers, partial hands and partial feet helping to restore body image. All our silicone prostheses are lifelike and natural and made to look like the individual patients intact body part. 



14 Thanun Arun Amarin, Bangkok  Noi, Bangkok 10700

Tel: 02-4193456 or 063-903 4330

ขาเทียม  แขนเทียม รองช้ำ พื้นรองเท้า ตัดขา แผ่นรอง เพื่อสุขภาพ รองเท้า 

Opening hour: Monday-Friday 9.00 a.m.-16.00 p.m.

 **Close on weekend and public holiday

จําหน่าย อุปกรณ์ขาเทียม

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