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Custom Made Insoles and Sandals
Orthotics are used to correct or to maintain a limbs shape and function. It can also be used to protect a limb from further injuries. There are many types of orthotics. At CEPO we use both custom made orthotics or so called “Off The Shelf” or “already made” products. We have chosen to divide the different types of orthotics based on the injury or illness that caused the need of a device. Below is a shorter summary. 

Foot related problems


Many people refer to foot orthotics as just orthotics. Another commonly used term is “Insoles”. Insoles are used for many different indications. At CEPO we make custom made insoles or custom made sandals for the treatment of these conditions:

Flat Feet

Flat feet is very common in the general population in all age groups and is due to a flattening or collapse of the arch of the foot. Flat feet might in some cases cause pain and problems in feet, ankles and knee joints. However, in most cases flat feet do not cause any specific problems. Custom made Insoles or sandals with proper arch support will often reduce any problems occurring from flat feet. If insole are used from a very young age it might reduce the tendency of flat feet when growing up. 

Plantar Fasciitis

The plantar fascia runs along the sole of the foot from the heel bone to the toes. Plantar fasciitis can be described as a strain injury to the fascia. Common causes are for example excessive running and bad foot ware. A custom made insole or sandal is the basis for treating plantar fasciitis by giving proper support to the foot. 

Diabetic Foot 

Patients with diabetes need to take extra care of their feet. Proper shoe ware and insoles will prevent and treat calluses and ulcers that otherwise can cause serious problem and possibly lead to chronic infections and eventual amputation. Insoles or sandals for the diabetic foot can off load areas with ulcers and calluses providing a good base for healing and healthy feet. 

Metatarsal Pain/ Fore foot pain

Pain in the fore foot is a common problem that can be caused by bad foot ware or for example excessive running on hard surfaces. Insoles with an off-loading so called metatarsal pad and proper arch support combined with proper shoes is the key for treating and preventing metatarsal pain. 

Leg Length Difference

To have one leg shorter than the other can either be genetically caused (from birth) or secondary to, for example, a previous fracture or joint replacement. It is possible to compensate a leg length difference to up to around 10mm inside the shoe. If the difference is larger, further adjustments needs to be done to the sole of the shoe itself. Another option is a custom made sandal on which larger compensations can be done. 

High Arches

High arches is the opposite of flat feet. Having high arches can sometimes cause pain and discomfort in your feet especially if walking or running long distances. Proper arch support by a custom made insole or sandal will relieve these symptoms.

Hallux Valgus

Hallux Valgus is many times also referred to as a “Bunion”. It is a deformity of the big toe where the toe starts to point inwards and sometimes climbs over the second toe. The cause in most cases is genetic in combination with age and wear of the big toe joint. It can also be caused by wearing to tight shoes that compress the toes. Our special custom made sandal which holds the big toe i a straighter position can reduce pain and improve the cosmetic look of the foot while wearing the sandal. It is not clear wether it will actually stop the progress of the deformity. 


Callus is simply excessive hard skin usually around the heel, on toes and around the toe joints. It is very common to have small calluses and most of the time they do not create any big problems. However, in some cases they can grow big and cause pain or even develop

ulcers (often in combination with diabetes). General foot care together with proper shoes and insoles that takes the load off the area with calluses is the key to avoid calluses to form. 

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Below is a summary of process in getting custom made insoles and sandal at CEPO for more information download  here!

insole sandal process infographic en.png
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