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Silicone Service

Silicone Service

           Our flexible, durable, comfortable and hygienic silicone prostheses are produced from high-quality medical grade silicone. Individually hand made for each customer to mach skin color, texture and nails. Our innovative technology silicone prosthesis can replace lost fingers, partial hands and partial feet helping to restore body image. All our silicone prostheses are lifelike and natural and made to look like the individual patients intact body part. 


The estimate price of Silicone devices are

  • Silicone finger is around 20,000 baht

  • Silicone full hand is around 87,000 baht

  • Silicone toe is around 19,000 baht

  • Silicone partial hand is arounf 70,000 baht

  • Silicone partial foot is around 50,000 baht

 The price may vary depending on individual findings and needs.

The figure below is shown the brief process of our silicone service for more informations download 

Silicone process infographic en.png
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